We met with Kath Thomson, Operations Manager at Squarefoot Media, who kindly shared her expert insight into the value of professional photographs and floorplans when selling or letting out a property, and how best to prepare your property to ensure it is displayed at its full potential.

Squarefoot Media are leading property marketing experts who offer stills, films, plans and aerial images, online and in print.

Kath explained how professional photos, films and floorplans should be viewed as an investment, which serve as powerful marketing tools. As for lettings properties, these can be used from tenancy to tenancy providing the property doesn’t undergo any major changes. Although selling or letting out your property is often a very personal and emotional experience, Kath pointed out that depersonalisation is key when it comes to preparing your property for professional photographs to be taken.

Making changes within your home, however minor can sometimes feel intrusive but we both agreed that the most important thing to remember from everyone’s perspectives is that we all want the same thing! Your property presented in its best possible light.With most potential buyers or tenants starting their property search online, what better way to help your property stand out from the crowd?

So, how best can you prepare your property for professional photographs to be taken?

Aside from general cleaning, allowing as much light into the property as possible is advised to give a bright and airy feel. Opening curtains and blinds, and any internal doors will help to achieve this.A handy tip which applies to all rooms is to remove all items which are not decorative. It is important that buyers or potential tenants can envisage themselves living in the property.Belongings don’t necessarily need to be hidden away, for example, some items can be placed in a washing basket, where they can be quickly and easily moved out of shot by the photographer.

Box rooms will appear in floorplans, so it is not always necessary to photograph these. This means that they can be convenient locations for hiding more bulky items.

Aside from these general tips, other points to note include tucking in cables and hiding remote controls in living rooms. In kitchens, ensure all surfaces are clear and all dishes are cleared from the sink area. Removing fridge magnets and ensuring washing machines and driers are empty will help the property appear slick and spacious.Removing toiletries, towels and all personal items from bathrooms, as well as popping the toilet seat down and making sure the mirror is steak free will make a big difference when the photos come back.

Outside the property, alongside general gardening and window cleaning, removing any cars or bins from the front of the property will help to improve its overall appeal. Capturing your property in the sun ensures a bright an appealing first impression, so having the exterior of the property prepared for the photographer’s arrival will ensure the best chance of catching a glimpse of the Scottish sun.


Further to this, Squarefoot have provided an excellent quide to some of the most frequently asked questions which can be found by following the link below.


Thank you to Kath for sharing your expert insight. We are sure it will help future landlords and vendors achieve marketing material we can all be proud of to ensure we achieve the best results possible!


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