What Does The Letting Market For Families Look Like

Renting a home as a family is becoming increasingly challenging. The desire for larger properties, the lack of quality affordable housing and the ever-increasing popularity of short term lets have meant that renting families are struggling to find suitable places to live.


Increasingly, families that rent have been moving further and further out of major cities like Edinburgh due to both the rising prices in the city and the extra space afforded to people living on the outskirts.


Demand For The Best Housing Is Rising


As more and more people move to Edinburgh, the market for lettings in Edinburgh is struggling to keep up with demand. In addition, the popularity of Edinburgh as a tourist destination means that a lot of formerly domestic rental properties are now being used as short term stays for holidaymakers.


While Edinburgh may be the capital of Scotland, it is small for a major city. This is part of what gives Edinburgh its charm and small-town feel, but it can be detrimental to those trying to find affordable housing. The demand created by an uptick in professionals, businesses and tourists flocking to the city means that ordinary Edinburgh families are being priced out of the market.


Larger Housing Needed For Home Working


With remote and hybrid working looking set to become the norm, the demand for larger houses is increasing. For families, this often means finding a property with three or more bedrooms. In a city as densely populated and built up as Edinburgh finding a place with enough bedrooms can be a real challenge – but by no means impossible.


Here at Murray & Currie, we pride ourselves on being able to match tenants with the perfect property quickly and with minimal fuss. The key to finding the ideal letting property in Edinburgh is finding the right agent.


More Families Moving Further Outside Of Cities


As the need for extra space becomes more pressing, a lot of families are choosing to move further outside cities. The suburbs of Edinburgh make excellent choices for lettings, allowing families room to grow. With additional green spaces and a rising number of houses and flats with outdoor spaces, this can be the ideal alternative for families in the letting market.


Government Driving Affordable Housing Changes


There has been a big initiative by the Scottish government in recent years to boost the amount of quality, affordable housing in the letting market. Many landlords recognise the need to be compassionate and considerate with their tenants.


Rising Costs Making It Challenging To Get On The Property Ladder

The rising costs associated with renting have made it increasingly difficult for renters to get onto the property ladder. This has impacted families, who have larger expenses than single people or couples, more than most other demographics.


Final Thoughts


Families face unique challenges in the Edinburgh letting market. Fortunately, there are many initiatives and solutions to the issues of housing for families. Edinburgh is a fantastic place to raise children, and with the proper guidance, anyone can find the perfect home. For expert help and advice in navigating Edinburgh’s letting market get in touch today!

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