Harry Crombie

The last few months has seen some fantastic news which we want to share with you.

Recently, we have acquired the local Property Management company, Crombie & Co, with which we also are joined by Harry Crombie, who brings years of local property knowledge and experience.  He will be heading up Research & Strategy for us, a key area of our growing business to ensure our clients get the best market analysis.

We also have some changes in Aberdeen too.  We have very recently moved our office to a new location, very close by.  The new contact details are:




AB10 1SQ

TEL: 01224 653390

Aberdeen has seen struggles in recent times, though we see a slight steadying in the market now, with average rents across the city, stabilising at around £746pcm (Citylets, Q3 2018 report).  Our aim is always to keep our landlord’s interests at the forefront of our minds and ensure properties in the area are rented at this challenging time, whilst we are optimistic that things will pick up again soon.

The Lettings market has also seen the introduction of the Private Residential Tenancy (PRT), which has been a big shake-up, but one we have taken in our stride and find works well in what is a dynamic rental market.  A year on since its introduction, we have seen very little change in tenants habits or appetite for renting. It is a less complex and easier to consume Tenancy Agreement, with some good attributes, such as digital signing of leases, which are welcome changes to both tenants and ourselves.

We are delighted to announce recent promotions for our staff, Shannon and Claire who both become Associate Directors and Trevor, taking on Director of Lettings.  All have been with us for many years and have been vital to drive and success we have.

The year ahead promises to be exciting and brings with it a new set of challenges.  Brexit negotiations are nearing an end and we’ll be in a new political landscape. As before with Referendums, changes in Government, Legislation and Law, we’ll be ready.  We don’t need to fear Brexit, rather embrace what it brings and in Edinburgh, we forecast continued growth in the market.

The city is continuing to show itself as a top destination worldwide, with annual Festivals, an Airport that flies to more destinations than ever before, improved infrastructure and world class developments happening within the confines of the iconic skyline.  Consistently featuring at the top of lists of places to work and live, Edinburgh has a real buzz.

The sales market has proved to be very busy this year, though in light of the ongoing discussions in Europe, we have seen a slow down towards the end of the year.  Once the lay of the land has settled, we expect people to have renewed confidence and assured decision making despite what outcomes there are. The imminent state of change and uncertainty is what we see as the reasons for the sudden slow down.

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